Little Miss

She steals the blankets and never makes the coffee

A hurricane hard at work never a moments peace

When there are so many things to see and do

Find your tao seek inner peace become one with nature

Are things to be heard and not listened to because for her

The world is full of free drinks and costly kisses

A riot of joy that rips away any quiet solicitude

That you may have been saving in case of judgement

That judgement never coming from her no matter how reckless the risk

Or hopeless the cause that you put forward

And there is no welcome for Galdalf the Grey in her only

A rainbow-coloured flower that glows in iridescant pink

In suspender skirts and all is right with the world when

She has her blankets and her coffee and her peace is found

In pure and unending motion blink only a little miss her

As she trapises merrily on her way heedless of the wildfire

She started in your heart the day she looked up and said


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