Bloody Damned Thing

For Victory!

It’s a damned funny thing we lovers have that we sometimes call a heart they’re so easy to lose and I looked for mine a very long time before I found it

And do you know what the funny thing is about finding the damned thinker-thunker again after all this time?

It has holes in all the right places now – some big some small some just see through enough to let the sunshine in

Long live the goddamn revolution it roars in my ears and the happiness burns like brimstone in my bloodstream

My cookie cutter ravaged heart left imprinted with someone else’s scars paid for in poetical homage but let me tell you something

There is not enough time in the night for that level of drama and honestly some hearts are better off lost than found

So go ahead and take it with my blessing apparently a misunderstanding in any case I only found it when I found you

So I’m suspicious I’m putting the picture together admit it you had the bloody thing the whole damn time

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