Hummingbird Beating

Truly I martyr myself at the altar of my own destruction at times and

I pay others for the honour of being plundered by them

Feeling like they will drink of my body forever so please pay it forwards

And bleed for me my love into your veins and out in the world

I am powerless in your grasp and yet I hold all the cards it is a mystery

How you have held onto me this long and will you ever tire of me I wonder

When we both know that the inverse is infinitely higher in probability

When you hold me close I am at home but why does home feel so much

Like a soft hummingbird beating it’s wings gently against my chest

Ripping into my heart and taking sweet red nectar from me as you please

Undo me unwrap me unclothe me I surrender to you

How could I not when you are the breath in my lungs

The food that nourishes me and the blood in my veins

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