Dear lonely one you are truly alone

No one hears your pain or will know your suffering

Even I who stands here mirroring your every move

My lips powerless to kiss you better and my arms

As far removed from yours as life from a corpse

Not even I can soothe your utter misery

You see you live in a hell of your own making


And that hell cannot be reached by man or woman

Or even the monstrous creatures you dreamed up

As many parts imaginary as your problems are real

No one even of these can join you there because you

Dwell alone in that cold impervious castle with no

Weaknesses and assaults and invasion are pointless


Once upon a time I would have tried but I have realised in time

That I am only a mirror image held to you by light that shines

From all around you but not into you your blood too black

Your heart too heavy and your skin too cold to feel the warmth

Of another’s light-hearted call calling you to come play in the sun

So I too will move onwards until you no longer even recognise the face

That stares back at you from your bathroom mirror every morning


I wish you would breakthrough

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  1. Coleby xo says:

    Lovely writing


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