I quiver alight with the feeling of freedom

And my wings are on fire as I fling myself into the sun

Maybe for the first time maybe for the last time

I breathe the living air and I feel it prickle on my skin

As moist clouds evaporate beneath and for a shining second

I am cool and calm as I collect my thoughts and they propel me


Beyond the skyline and upwards into the abyss I soar

As high as an eagle as the whirring thrum of metal

Screams into my ear that it is time to go and then I

Jump along another line of stardust floating

Across and above my world below an ever receding flat line

That faintly hums with the crackle of electricity not long gone


Grimacing as the polarity of my world reverses

I am pulled ever upward into the sweet surrender of

Sol his arms they beckon his rays raise my heart in prayer

A molten reaction starting at my fingertips consumes me

I rise as a phoenix even as my dreams are burnt into ashes

Ashes to ashes

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