Poetry: Sunlight Flickers

Sunlight flickers through the clouds first a scattered drop

Then heavier blowing in the wind like a monsoon at the beginning

Of the stormy season nature is unstoppable irrational and under

No circumstances predictable but nevertheless we try and predict

The weather but all we know for sure is that when sunlight flickers

Through the clouds it’s warm and it brings life and we want more


So give us more of your honey coloured love in the winter in the summer

I will have no better lover than your warm and welcoming embrace

For I know in my heart that the rain is gone and with it the muddy tears

I once upon a time cried even unto the dust on my boots I feel no pain

Only the sudden absence of heavy sticky wet things holding earth to me

Flow through me life-giver warm-bringer and wash away the rain


Like a fire you radiate joy to me and everyone around me will rejoice

When even a small ray of yours lights up the whole world and I know

That it’s a tiny part of what you are capable of and a billion years from now

Your light will continue to survive pushing humanity on it’s journeys to other

Stars and even though some will shine brighter none will be quite so yellow

And I like to think I’ll hold a flicker of sunshine in any age and incarnation


And it will light up a thousand skies the same way it lights up this one

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