Poetry: Free

Verily I say unto you that it is the truth that sets a man free

But it is kindness and love that sets women free

Who bring them through tough times and dry the tears

That decorate our too beautiful faces and when for the

Thousandth time a soldier comes home weary of war

It is her friends and family that pick up those pieces

That which was once broken is so easily restored by

Cups of tea and snacks for two and banana chips and

All the silly little things that make life worth living


I think that sometimes women are scared to tell their truth

But they must for it is such kindness and love that sets men free

To bring strength to the weary and valour to the less than brave

To colour with war paint the grim stony faces of veterans

Left behind from fields of war bent but unbroken

Victors who decide to put back together shattered porcelain

Rather than enlarging the fractures and with gilded brush

All the little lines are golded with shiny metal that says

Here was a man who made life worth living

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