Poetry: Birds

For Victory xo

Beauty be in all she is

A soft red and white robin in wedded bliss

Under a string of fairy fire

Hummingbird heart beats faster as I spiral ever higher

The thrum of a lyrebird’s wings

Could never counter the call of nightmarish kings


But now it all mellows into a haze

My throat quiets and my swallows titter

Rest and the bad dreams slowly fade

Until the day your mockingbird taunts

Meant less than a two-bit farthing

Peacock histrionics have no power here


Floating on lakes in gardens built by my own

Bleeding hands with the gifts of ravens

A swan glowing rosy in genuflection to the

Rising run of golden armoured light

The sun rises on flocks free of catspaws

Jumping uselessly as the ugly duckling

Transforms into a phoenix from the ashes

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