Poetry: Badassery

For all the little girls who have ever been told that they are too outspoken, too confident, too arrogant, too loud, too much, too horny, too shy, too beautiful, too ugly. Tell anyone who expresses those kinds of opinions to apologise to a tree for wasting the oxygen.

Badassery comes to girls naturally as you know

It is an attitude that we take with us into

Every situation every place every moment

Approach life at full-tilt fast lane foot to the floor

Fast cars sweet nothings and shiny jewellery

Red lips leather jackets and push-ups at 10pm

Do not just break through the glass ceiling

Obliterate everything in your explosion


Too often we are taught to quell our inner fire

I think that is because men know

Deep (or maybe not that deep depending on the man)

Down they go and down they know

There is nothing men can do save use physical pain and spite

To control a strong woman burning fierce and bright


They will want to own you and hold you

Tell themselves they can keep up with you

But you were born a daughter of blood and embers

Your strength and your spirit never meant to be held down

Burn their weak will (or is that weak willy I can never tell) in your ashes

As you light the world on fire


You badass women and girls of the world

Watch your spark light up the faces

Of your sisters as we watch you and cheer you on

We love you for your gorgeous badassery

Have no fear, because life is so bright and interesting when you just attack it. It only gets better from here.

Marie Athena x

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