Lyrics For Lyra: Take You On Grand Adventures

For my best girl x

The rush of words as I blushing try to push them into you speaking not sense but in pastiche and hurried parlance

Time is precious when we are spending it together I worry and worry that the moon and stars will rip us apart with as little ceremony or kindness as my last lovers gave me

I have not been treated well by men in my life as a general rule and I think in part it is because I never cared about them enough to play their game

I’ll play whatever games and label us with whatever names I need to because I want to make you happy and for the first time in a long time

I am partnering properly with someone who is reciprocal and competent in their ability to emotionally support me

Come and hold me while I cry you a river of tears sing with me in the hills that are alive with music and dance with me in the muddy summer rains

I will take you on grand adventures if you will let me and even if you won’t I will always come home to you and our cats with you humming a happy sweet melody and a warm fire brewing peachy tea

So I talk too much and I never ever listen to good advice Wise or otherly original but it seems to me that plenty of people can say difficult things but you are so special for listening


Marie Athena

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