Poetry: Your Mouth To Mine

Pride is coming up, I just haaad write something lovely and gay x

Soft lips and sugar sweet words

Flow from your mouth to mine and back again

Like honey dripping down an old oak tree and into the grass

On which two lovers lie whiling away an afternoon

In the sunshine of late summer with flowers

Blowing around them like bees and birds

Brought closer together with a falling red leaf

That lands perfectly balanced on interlaced fingers

She laughs and her lover rolls her over and smiles

Hair mixed together creating a coccoon against the world

The first autumn breeze blows but that is not what gives her

Goosebumps as she reaches down to kiss the girl

Who dreamt of her last night and she tastes so sweet

Sweeter than honey she tastes of sugar and shyness

Swept up in the serenade of soft lips

Love spill honey on me so I taste as sweet as you,

Marie Athena

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