Poetry: Then Go And Be

For Glasses, may he ever find his way

It’s strange that we only ever really talked

After I had thought I’d walked away

But maybe we couldn’t really talk before

To be honest, I wasn’t ready to name it

Or step back into my own shoes

Mud on boots that want to march in time

And lead with rhythm and rhyme

I didn’t understand myself for a while

And I didn’t understand you

I thought you were quiet, maybe a little shy

I somehow missed that you are very kind

That kindness will flow out of you as you go forward

Healing the world

If she’s the one for you,

And when you talk about her with me

Your eyes light up and you stand up straighter

So it seems to me that perhaps she is

If she’s the one, Glasses

Then go and be kind to her

As you were trying to be kind to me

And as you’ll be kind to your patients

And kind to the world

Never look back

Kindness is always worth it

Because in the end

It’s all we have to give each other

And it’s a very true kind of love

I’ve spent many years with a man who was being kind to me

It has immeasurably improved my life

I’ve grown to respect it so much recently

So then go and be kind

All the best,

MarieAthena x

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