Poetry: A Little More Feminist

Trigger Warning: Rape/Non-Con, Domestic Violence, Politics

Exposure therapy is, to put it mildly

Absolutely awful, we loathe it wildly

It’s so much nicer to try and abstain

To sit back, avoid, not try to retrain

I say be the change you want to see in the world

And I want to see forgiveness and peace hurled

Like cannonballs smashing through glass ceilings

Strength of mind, of body and of all good feelings

The reason why feminism is considered a dirty word

Is that it forces conversations we don’t want to be heard

It forces humanity to look in the mirror

And re-visit shattered hearts torn apart by trauma

Women raped, beaten, hurt, cruelly berated

Abused, used, refused, soft hearts abraded

Baby-trapped, whip-cracked

These are the actual facts

No one ever healed anything by pretending it didn’t exist

That’s gaslighting on a communal level, Howard-era politics

Bring out our skeletons in the closet and deal with them today

Because otherwise they’ll come back and haunt us in another way

Slavery, bravery, women in power came to be

There by working hard and facing the reality

That the world isn’t fair, as it stands right now

But it will change, I will change it, you will change it – how?

The movement to fight back and resist

Starts by being a little more feminist

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