A Letter To Arwen: Keep Fighting

Dear Arwen,

Um..firstly, may I just say it’s an honour? For so long, I’ve been dreaming of this moment. Finally, a feast for the people of Middle Earth that I’ve been invited to. I’d love to come, but I can see Legolas desperately waving me over to our campsite, the smell of smoke and tea leaves is in the air. So I’ll have to keep this brief.

As a human born to a family of farmers and doctors, I naturally know very little in the way of approaching magic rings or Elven magic. It’s so far out of my comfort zone, all this deep breathing and healing and resting and repeating. I’m a lass of simple triumphs, it’s a warm bath after a long day’s work that I’m after – not the luxuries only afforded to kings. The strange and mighty halls I walk in now humble and frighten me.

The loss of my child is the thing that hurts the most right now. Something awful happened to me, and now I am struggling to look after myself, let alone him. He’s had to watch his mother turn from someone so happy and brave, to someone scared to go outside her own door and walk around her own neighborhood.

My one time husband, Hawk, does his very best to try and help me. So do all the fellowship, really. Gimli and Boromir and Sam, oh and Sam. I’m utterly and completely floored by the love and compassion that people show me. It’s breathtaking.

So I will push on, and get back up, and keep fighting that good fight. All the truest battles for Middle-Earth were fought inside the hearts of its people. I’m still fighting for what’s right. I’m not going to give up on helping other people. Any cruelty that comes my way will only be given back from me as happiness.

Arwen, you chose to stay and fight for what you loved. I love my son, and to him my highest loyalty will always lie. So I will keep up my search for him, and I cannot come to your party. There are some things worth saving in this world, and Little Dove is one of them.

With my regrets,

MarieAthena x

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