Poetry: This Is The Way

The wonderful thing about being free

Is obviously that no one tells you what to do

The not-so-obvious joys of freedom are plenty

But there are also plenty of moments of sadness too

I love waking up in the morning well rested and eating breakfast, drinking coffee

But I miss the company of someone asking me if I slept well and what I still need to do

I love the smiles of colleagues who wish me good day and how lovely is it to be

I don’t miss the feeling of being owned, controlled, and held to rue

But I miss feeling safe and secure in my place, it’s such a strange thing to see

Both light and dark in dawning bright

Free to reach outside of my fright

And find freedom’s joys and sadness both

It’s right to feel like this and by my oath

I’ll ask every single one of my friends to have a good day

Peace, love and understanding – This Is The Way

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