Poetry: O Raspberries

O raspberries

Bleeding juice trickles down mine chin

Frenzied gorgeous rich red sin

Break bread and break mine sweet little heart

Why art thou so tender, succulent and smart?


O raspberries

In a thousand lifetimes I never did see

A fruit so delightfully tart as thee

Creeping vines bowed down and heavy

Earthy mud addressing tendrils thready


O raspberries

Beneath your thornless, fruit-laden vine

I look up at the sky and see a snail too divine

Resting on a bow-shaped arc

I push him closer to his mark


O raspberries

Druscoll, dusky punnets of bliss

Australian produce too good to miss

In a sun-kissed, umber, red and yellow land

Thy perfection is juicey, delicious and grand

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