Poetry: Quizzes, Notes And Calculators

I hold the wealth of human knowledge in my hand

It’s like a storm of learning, churning through spacetime

Facts come tumbling so fast out of a lit up little screen like thunderclouds

Clapping their grumbling BOOM across the summer’s sky of my empty mind

Heavy with information, when it rains it pours

Out of my fingers and eyes, the knowing of things

Transforms me from a girl to a doctor and back again as I am humbled

By the skill and wisdom of those who came before me and teach

Electricity in the air and lightning flashes as neurons force their way into new connections

And how can I do anything other than raise my phone up so, so high

With quizzes, notes and calculators too numerous to mention, I may one day save a person’s life

Digital health was not a useful subject, I say with confidence this is my contention

The subject of digital health in the real world, however, is almost too useful to mention

To my phone I turn, and give all my attention

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