Poetry: Infinitely Diverse In Infinite Combinations

For Sonequa Martin-Green and all the other members of the wonderfully diverse cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery.

If I could grow one kind of flower

On the way to Eden

It would be pink on this side of paradise

It would be orange in it’s Omega glory

It would be green like the gamesters of Triskelion

It would be purple like Plato’s stepchildren

It would be white for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky

It would be black for is there in truth no beauty?

It would be yellow because tomorrow is yesterday

It would be red so I could return to tomorrow

It would be blue like a journey to Babel

It would be brown like bread and circuses

If I could grow one kind of flower

To remember all our yesterdays

It would be infinitely diverse in infinite combinations

Just like you

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