Poetry: Never The Last Time

Yellow flowers bloom outside my window

Reflecting back at me the cheeriness

Of form and freedom that finds you and me

Happy and at peace

Daddy’s watching tv and I’m stroking your head to sleep

A cup of strong berry tea

Slightly scratched green sunglasses

The feeling of a little hand holding mine

And last night’s wet nappies filling up my bin

Visions of drinking juice and eating cake for breakfast

Crumbs and conversations with Grandad

Sea shanties playing on the car stereo

Just one more time, mummy you ask

(Okay but this is the last time)

It’s never the last time

But I don’t really want it to be anyway

Dreamcatcher on your window catching all the great moments

I hope you don’t fly away too soon, Little Dove

But if you do, send me a picture to show the kids at school

Of the yellow flowers that bloom outside your window

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