Word From The Wise: Event Horizon

A birthday gift I’ll always treasure. I meant what I said about The Night We Met πŸ˜‰

Everybody at some point has believed the universe revolves around them,

but I have never seen it revolve around someone else.

A gravitational pull of everything good and bad in this world.

Things both wonderful and tragic cross your event horizon and forever become part of your long and amazing story.


I have felt this pull and it is very hard to resist,

teetering on the edge and gaining speed.

Stare into her beauty and she will most definitely stare back.

But I am a journeying hitch-hiker, and a sling shot I must perform if I am to see the rest of this crazy galaxy,

but you are the boost of energy I needed,

and though it seems there’s no destination in sight.

The journey was amazing.

Thank you so much, Wise. It checks out πŸ™‚

MarieAthena x

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