The Official June Playlist

So I want to start this off by saying that exactly no one has asked me for my music recommendations (in all probability because they know my taste and would rather…not?). But despite the total lack of interest, I shall press on anyways. Here are some pieces of music both meaningful and well loved by me at the moment.

Blinding Lights covered by Cornelius Link

An unforgettable night of whiskey, white wine, gin, swords and random Star Wars youtube videos with Wise and his comrade. I will always remember shuffling to this song and how ridiculous I looked in that poncho. Also I swear to God my post-steampunk magical DnD concept with Vulcans would have been amazing I refuse to accept any argument on this point.

Sea Shanty Medley by Home Free

Little Dove has asked me to play the ‘Away Santiana’ song at least 50 times. There is one particular car ride I remember where we listened to it on repeat for a good 45 minutes straight. Good thing it’s catchy.

Foo Fighters/September Mash-Up Thing by William Maranci

An inspiring piece to add to the list of amazing and inspiring pieces sent to me by a new character to this blog, Knightly. Knightly has been swapping music recommendations with me, well, nightly. This is their contribution, and it’s pretty f-ing perfect if you ask me.

Take Me Home, Country Roads covered by The Petersons

KnifeEars, we have shared some interesting moments – but I think I understood you a lot more in the moment you shared this song with me. The way you were able to talk me through all their stories and how much respect you had for them really touched my heart.

Tír na nÓg ft. Oonagh by Celtic Woman

So this is very much just me loving elves and all things violin at the moment. It’s a beautiful song, very fun to dance to and it talks about fairies and ancient fog. Seriously what’s not to love about that. Honestly, even just the initial acapella section makes my spine shiver…

Jolene covered by Reinaeiry

I discovered this artist through Songstress, I think it’s just such a moving cover. Apart from anything else, it’s much more about female empowerment and there were barely any lyric changes needed. Also…the artwork. Mmph.

Change on the Rise by Avi Kaplan

A moving hymn that’s almost frightening in its intensity level, which is essentially 11/10. The words that come to mind are strengthening, motivating and war paint. If I had to march into battle tomorrow, this is the song I’d play.

Take Me To Church Pop-Up NYC Subway by Hozier

Wise introduced me to this version of the song and I got chills the first time, second time and twentieth time I listened to it. Legitimately one of the most raw and emotional live performances I’ve ever seen. The sheer talent of this man blows my mind.

Complete Playlist on Youtube

If you’d like to listen to everything at once and see what it’s like in my head for half an hour or so, here’s a convenient link to save you time.

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