Poetry: The Earth Swirls Around The Sun

Sometimes, when I’m writing these

I forget why

And I just get lost in the words

It’s a beautiful and stunning melody

To feel the poetry in my heart

Tumble onto the page

Like lovers tussling on a haystack

It’s a bit messy

And a bit raw

But it’s the most pleasurable kind of pain

The grandest of gestures I think

To commit to rhyme and line

The memories and brave thoughts

Of my friends

Words that come from others and from myself as well

Only the kindess of strangers

Has ever moved me quite this much

There’s something special

In all of us as humans

A special goodness

It may show itself as 50 Shades of Gray

But you know

That’s what makes it interesting

The world I mean

That we are all so different

And that we are so full of light and darkness

Swirling around our heads just like

The Earth swirls about the Sun

Dancing to celestial music

In time with the universe

I forget why

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