Poetry: You Raised Me Up


You guided me in my times of trouble

You raised me the best way you knew

To be brave and independant

You tried to make me wise

And you tried to make me kind

I think you probably succeeded with the kindness

So that’s at least passing on the exam

I may nickname myself after the goddess of Wisdom

But I am not really her daughter

I was your daughter, Hawk

In so many ways

You raised me up

To stand on your shoulders

And I see the world as a gentle and loving place

Because you were gentle and loving

You would have kept watchful eyes on me forever

Holding space for me

Letting me outgrow you

Not even fighting the fact that I was outpacing you

But speeding me on that journey

The best way you knew how

Even when I was making you desperately unhappy

You would have stayed with me forever

I am unbelievably grateful for that

I am unbelievably grateful for you

You deserved to be free

You gave me freedom

And I gave it to you

Freedom I love you

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