Poetry: Pied-a-Terre

My apartment is a bit bland

It definitely needs more splashes of colour

It’s just as well I know exactly the people

To brighten up a space

Pied and PJ

Heroes of the heart

They’ll be there in a Flash

If I ever need a hand

She’s Ms. Marvel, soaring across the sky

And he’s going to reshape reality as Dr. Strange

Partners and future lovers of mine

Part of my Shield

In spirit and holding up a Green Lantern to guide me home

After standing on wet pavement outside my

Pied-a-Terre with you

Three way hugs

And carrying PJ to the lift,

Like I was thinking I was Thor or something

Chocolate cake and the number three

And never being misgendered by you, Pied

Somehow you almost always seemed to know

When I was being Superman

And when I was being Electra

And when I was somewhere in between

Live on in the lightness of spirit

You brought to me when I was

A princess in my tower,

My very own

Fortress of Solitude

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