Poetry: Flower Power

I met you when you were in love, Lilybell

With a boy who was truly unworthy of you

But you know what

I’m the one who is sorry

For not staying with you to play ESO

And for being depressed when you came to visit

For all the moments in my life

Where I didn’t trust you enough

To be my friend

I don’t know how you feel about me, Lilybell

But I um

Well I really loved you

When we first made friends

I got the flu

And I spent that weekend in bed

I couldn’t go to my computer

But when I was feverish

My heart went out to you back then

All those years ago

Wishing for Lilybell to keep me company

And wipe my hot brow

Because you guided me

More than my friend, Lilybell

I never felt lonely when I was talking to you

Dearest one

Flower Power is what you will always be

To me anyway

I regret that we won’t go on more quests

If I could go back in time

I’d be there for you in your moments of struggle

And I’d have kept you closer

Hawk could have called his own ambulance

I fell in love with your voice too

We ran with wolves, then we ran in darkness

And your voice made me so happy

I loved you, Lilybell

In fact, I think for a time I was crushed

I met you when you were in love

I’m not sure you realised that I was also falling in love

That boy was so unworthy of you

In the end, so was I ❤

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