Poetry: Little Dove’s Dinosaur Adventures

Little Dove

You are my baby, and I love you so much

When you were born you lit a fire in my soul

To protect, to guide and to provide

Let me tell you about all the great moments you’ll have

Because of me

Your first day of big school

Hugs from Dad

Kisses from Grandma

Your words and your numbers all mixing together

In a beautiful and spontaneous burst of fun

It’s glorious, Little Dove

I want you to know

That there’s nothing to be scared of in the wide world

Go and fly free

Enjoy every moment of life that you get

Every day is a gift from me, to you

Make them beautiful with me

We’ll fly free together

To Paris

To the pyramids of Giza

And to the museum we’ll fly

Little Dove’s Dinosaur Adventures

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