Poetry: Faith Of The Heart

Faith suprises me in its warmth

It comes on quietly in the dark of night

Worship music and tears

In our eyes

But also quiet moments and laughs

We may go to different churches

But I think we share the same faith

Faith in goodness of the heart

Faith in the meaning of bravery

Faith in God

I’m going to church in my own car

Knife Ears

I haven’t had any honeycomb today

And I threw your leftovers in the bin

But my God, your God, our God

God is Good

And I appreciate it

When you share your faith with me

It keeps me warm

I hold onto it, like a little ember in my heart

That can start a fire

When I need it to

It was cold before

And I needed stockings

But now I’m toasty warm

In my Faith of the Heart

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