Word To The Wise: Watery Brave

Some say happiness is like an ocean

And I think that is very true

It comes and goes in waves

That wash over everything

When happiness colours your life

It is a shimmering, glittering burst of light

That reflects the sun in the sand and sand dollars

It isn’t just one point of bright

But blinding, riotous joy

Sprinkled like hundreds and thousands

On fairy bread from a blue and white esky

It’s the last few bubbles in warm, flat lemonade

On the car ride home shared with a sibling

And sandy feet that feel dry

Ears that are sticky with good memories

Like fingers fresh from hot cross buns

A moment of life, of living

When we tear into soft and sugary bread

The staff of life

Happiness is everywhere when it wants to be

You can no more cut yourself off from it

Than you can cut off the air

Made by trees

In this wild and wonderful planet we call home

Breathe happiness into your soul, dear Wise

Like the salty smell of an ocean

And a sweetly sighing sea

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