Poetry: Pied Piper

A lost child, crying in the darkness

Calls for rescue

And she rises

Draped in multicoloured, Rainbow hues

Colours and eyes lined

War paint for battle

Boots with straps and buckles and

Belts and breastplate

Armour she wears with Pride

As she avenges the souls of those

Who came before her and were left





She will hear their stories

Her Rainbow Mane glistening

With the sweat of battle

Fought with fire and

Fierce determination

That no story will go unheard

No broken heart left unhealed

The breath in her body and the strength in her arms

Are testament to her runes


Masculinity, Femininity, Humanity

The sacredness of the three

And she is calling to those who have lost their way

And there is hope

See this feeling?

She tells you that there is love

This is acceptance

Here is freedom

There is your living truth

And she swears on her sword that she will fight for you

With words, and hugs

And soft touches

She will fight for you, lost ones

And call you to Valhalla

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