Word To The Wise: Keep It Up


There’s very little I can offer you by way of recompense

For the years of solid mateship and revelry we’ve spent

But if I can sell you something from here across the sea

It’s a promise that if you choose to love it will always set you free

And I know it’s a bit trite but if you ask me I’ll still say

That if shes the one she’ll come home to you at the end of every day

And for what it’s worth I think she is and I think you’re only scared

But that’s how you know it’s the real thing and I think that you’ve prepared

For an ending that won’t happen and everyone just needs to take it slow

Keep it up not long now to go wind’s at your back and you’ll throw

Your oar in the water and sail home back toward her because she loves you

And she’s the most important person in the room


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