Deathly Sweet

Sometimes I hear her knock knocking at my door

A deathly sweet voice that begs me for more

More blood more drama more colour more spite

A terrifying demon who cackles in the night

And her lips are so soft and her arms so inviting

Who wouldn’t want to kiss her or maybe die trying

And she knocks ever more insistently now

She knows it’s only a matter of when not how

Please won’t you leave me alone I would beg

But instead she tells me of the voice in her head

That dulcet, devilish, discerning delight

That makes me weep at the end of the night

She screams ever louder and she pounds at the door

I might as well let her in she can’t really hurt me more

But the second I look upon that pretty face

I realise that I’ve made a terrible mistake

A ruby gash distorts itself in the semblance of a smile

Icy fingers stroke my breast and hold my heart awhile

She toys with me a little tells me it will all be fine

Then opens mouth unhinges jaw a feast truly sublime

The last thing I remember before I flicker shut my eyes

Is her promise that she’ll never ever say goodbye

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