Have you ever found a jelly stuck to the back of a car seat

Baked on underneath weeks of hot sunshine parked at the back of a lot

Marked employees only but the customers park there anyway on the weekends

When the orange light mixed in with dust fades into neon glowing lights

From the carnival in town on the empty grass lot and the rickety fence

Gives way at one point or another and the kids all sneak in to the back of the big top

Leaving jellies behind them like Hansel and Gretel and you give your baby sister

A lift home one night after your late shift and one of her friends named Claire

Or Eleanor or Bridget you don’t really know drops a jelly and she’s too shy to say anything

So she sticks it to the back of the car seat and you don’t notice for a few days

And then all of a sudden there’s no point so you just shrug and drive home

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