Falling Forward In Time


I think of you often and I wonder if you think of me

Falling forward in time as we weave a grand tapestry

It’s a funny thing life and I miss you as often as I thank

The stars and tides for washing me up on new shores

It’s a blessed life I live and I hope it’s a happy one for you

Falling forward in time blurs the edges and bad dreams

Fade into the light of a summer’s afternoon it’s so warm

At night under the new moon that rises and I rise with it

Breathing sweet breezes and turning my face up into the rain

Falling forward in time as the season ends and new flowers grow

Flourishing and blooming in autumn showers and morning dew

Carrots and cucumbers and rose scented candles glowing bright love

Your smiling face and long black hair flowing over a rich emerald green dress

We live only in a sunrise everdawning over an elven kingdom’s borders

Falling forward in time


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