The trouble with seeing the future lies not in knowing what shouldn’t be known but in aching for it welcoming it taking the time to melt into it

Because we create our futures do we not? We tend to them like our dearest children or most fickle house plants we nurture them and hope that they grow

So when we see them come to life and thriving there is always some part of us cheering on from the sidelines saying look I did that I made it happen

It’s unexpected things that we don’t want in our futures the surprise twists and turns we didn’t account for in the story that don’t suit our main character’s plans at all

Even when we think we want change that we want something else we really don’t what we want to experience is what we set up and put in motion

We hate it so much when things don’t go to plan and our hard work goes unrewarded or our good deeds go punished we deserved better in fact our whole generation deserved better

Little girls shouldn’t be looking forward into a future where their wombs are bred like cattle and little boys shouldn’t bear the burden of starting families when they are not ready to be fathers and little people shouldn’t be pulled into a political debate about what’s between their legs when we should be worrying about what’s between their ears

Minute by minute hour by hour the future that we are working for so hard is being stolen from us and we just keep selling our souls to try and make it right and who told you

That it is okay to need a sugar daddy to make it through uni

That you don’t deserve to own your own home because you ate a piece of fruit

That it matters what you do with the piece of plastic sold to you by a corporation that dedicates itself to enslaving children for profit

That you should stay in your abusive marriage because you’ve hit the wall and no one would want you

That you are just a number when you go into a hospital because you are unwell

That it is your fault that you don’t fit in to a system specifically designed to weed out the empathic, emotional and creative people among us

Who told you that you don’t have a right to the future that you want to create and that it is fair play for you to be taken advantage of because you were poorer or younger than your user

There is no punchy, happy ending to this poem because there is no punchline to this joke of an economy we are in and our future doesn’t have an interesting twist or lucky lottery win in it much like this poem our future just ends

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