From A Certain Point Of View

From a certain point of view everything looks just so quite set very normal no regret

Under the hood pop the belly of the beast the writhing worms my stomach turns

Under the frightening wooded grove I bend down over my treasure trove

My heart once cold burns hot with fever it’s painfully slow to wait for the flow

Of the river to change and divert course again to go my way and so I say

Everything is fine there’s nothing wrong here believe me I speak truth today

Who is to say that I am right and you are wrong in any case I would never debase

You by pushing something on you that you aren’t ready for so in my core

I hold my love as tight as a hug in the dead of winter and all my heat in every heartbeat

From a certain point of view life’s a game anyway and we can’t all always win so that’s okay and I’m happy enough to seem normal

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