Poetry: Incantations

The smoke tall rises with bright red flecks of ash that sparkle

Above a cottage deep in the woods and as the wind hearkens

We gather around the fire in an intimate reunion just you and I

The candles start to gutter and the incense is thick and hazy we fly

To worlds unknown and unimagineable held aloft by starlight and dreams

And Earth only calls us home from such celestial spheres it seems

When whispers in ears and breathy words turn ever louder and more insistent

And she sits upright all of a sudden hands clasped around a sacred chalice sent

By Dionysus and Aphrodite their worship rich in the arms the lips the lives of lovers

A priestess of all that is pleasure mutters that sweetest of incantations as he covers

Her forhead in kisses and experience has taught him that when she speaks those words

I was thinking great plans are usually afoot and there is nothing to be done but surrender

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