Poetry: I Will Die On This Hill

It’s over, Anakin ❤

Sometimes the hardest thing about letting go

Is that I well and truly know that it isn’t forever

All of you will come back to me in one moment or another

Or at least so it seems to me from where I sit

Ever-changing and ever-growing as I grow wiser

Perched at the top of a terrifyingly high mountain

That I climbed alone (no thanks to some of you)

So as I look down from the top of the world

I announce

This is my moral high ground

I claimed it and here I shall make my stand

Let go of that white flag and hand over the olive branch

They are mine

I have fought and died many times to defend this territory

Each time reincarnating cleaner than the last

So come back if you want to and make a charge

I say come at me bro

Or don’t come at me

I don’t really care and I will never be

Ceding this land to anyone else

My dearest Elven coterie

I will die on this hill

And if you choose not to die with me

I’m not coming back down to save you

To my beautiful menagerie, I love you.

Marie Athena xo

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