Poetry: Muddy

Sometimes in my heart the cracks show

And no amount of tears can cry the pieces back together

A younger me, less confident and more afraid

Would have said that this is weakness

But I am not weak nor am I unduly strong

I am built of the same Earth that I lie on

I was born to grow and evolve and when I get


When I start to rain on my own parade

I’m wise enough to let those cracks grow

And to let the tears cry the pieces further apart

For no good woman’s tears are weakness

No heart deserves to feel broken and to rest on

Solid ground is to rest in peace dust to dust

I was born only to one day die and life in between is sometimes


To love is to boldly go and to take the risk of heartbreak

I’ve been here before and I’ve stood on the melting edge

As solid ground dissolves beneath my feet and there is no

Apple in the Eden that crumbles but there is happiness

After the thunderstorms and the rain doesn’t just wash away

The cities we built in the fertile ground of our own minds

It also washes away the pain until new love sprouts only a little


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