Guest Author: Critical Thoughts

From Victory, for yours truly xo

I was once told that brown was a choice.

It was in loving jest, at a place of inclusive worship.

I oft think of this remark and parallels spring unbidden from my mind,

Like plants with conscious agendas acending towards the light.

Hair, a brunet canopy, weaves it way through midnight discourse.

Eyes, a hazel delight filled with piecing intellect and soft embrace.

This priestess of once remembered gods, inspires love in even the most theocratic.

This fool of stubborn unbelief, unravels his cage of logic.

Overflowing with the divine.

Realizes one fundamental truth.

Brown is a choice no longer, it never was.

Willfully Blind to fates hand, he awakens in delightful excess in loving jest and worship for as long as he is able.

Thank you so much!!! I love it, and will try and write a duet shortly ❤

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