Poetry: Unmuzzle Your Wisdom

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence, Aggresive Feminism 😉

Dear soul they tell you things

To keep you quiet

To keep your thoughts shallow

To keep you as you are

Good dogs don’t think for themselves

Don’t ask too many questions

Stop trying to change the world they say

And they hold a hand around your mouth

To demand the obedience you refuse to give

And you are always replaceable to them

Just another bitch to serve them and when you break

As you inevitably will under such rude treatment

They still will surround your lips in red duct tape

Wax your canines to within an inch of your life

Remove anything that makes you a threat

Like mutts in the street they see you as useless until properly trained

Broken harnessed led like unwanted puppies to your own demise

But like all good boys and girls you know when there is an unwanted intruder

For very much so the curious incident is that dog did bark in the night

So unmuzzle your wisdom

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