Poetry: Atalanta

Ice cream crushes on his ruby red lips

The smell of salt water underneath perfectly cut fingernails

Laughter ringing out in peals of delight

Happiness is in the air like the smell of cotton candy

And as the fairy lights are strung around the boardwalk

His heart lights are strung around the girl with the blond hair

Who runs along the sandy dunes muscles rippling under

Blue and brown shorts she turns and blows a kiss

To the boys whooping at her from the pier

She runs away and towards and over his dreams

And the oceans will be between them for eternity

He’ll never see her again except to remember her beautiful smile

Hair flying behind her starlit in tones of washed out gold and white


Sometimes he still hears her giggles when he listens closely

To his once and forever young heart

And he remembers that he is only a seashell of who he once was

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