Poetry: Flickers In Tainted Moonlight

For Patroclus, for in him I see myself, and he sees me.

For three score or as many years as I can muster

I’ll run through my words a scythe through bluster

I pity the poor souls who lie and steal from me

Mistress of arms I am the truth who set herself free

The queen of swords I set myself up to rule

Over the idiots and fools who would ere be cruel

A triad of traits you found in me and yet you never

Said that you knew and that’s very clever

You’re knocking and knocking on a door in my heart

A gend’arme determined to teach me to stop playing a part

An emperor or a gorgeous exotic prince with soft long hair

Would that more truly be a reflection of my visage fair

But I love the power too much to give it up

And so I’ll ignore that quiet knock and fill my cup

As a heroine who if you squint will start to shimmer slightly bright

First one way then another her image flickers in tainted moonlight


Marie Athena x

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