Poetry: Under The Trees Where The Little Lights Glow

Under the trees where the little lights glow

Lies a girl who rests awhile and easy she never needs to show

That she’s good or kind or give any sort of hint

There’s sweetness and light in her heart and her breath is of mint

The happiness just rolls off and within her in waves

She walks with the sway deep in her hips as side to side she misbehaves

Nothing noted and nothing said but heart a little broken

And she spins out again dancing and singing into the world no one’s token

Gay and glad to be here she smiles and whispers in your ear

But absent whether or not you meant to give the gift and hour of fear

The moment is lost she walks alone into gentle and comforting night

Wrapped tight in the armour of eyes slightly wet but very bright

Echoing in beautiful pretty song thank you good luck good evening you belong

Somewhere else in some other time and this doesn’t feel right it feels wrong

Under the trees where the little lights glow

Away from you somewhere else along the river she’ll flow

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