Poetry: Blood Sings

In honour of a really lovely ballet – from Rose to Flint in happier times

My blood sings keenly of time and places long past

A wish for some handsome stranger to hold me fast

To listen to my songs and to read my poetry

Breathing deeply of my perfume everfree

Dip me in a sweet little swoon and flow along the river

Of my love and guide me to safe harbour with come hither

Eyes wide shut to anything but the sounds of pleasure

Writhing happiness that is truer than any golden treasure

Under lock and key trap me in strong true arms

Possess me caress me undress me with your charms

A sweet little wife and lover in demimonde salon

As above so below and a flush of passion crushes

My lips under yours and I taste sweet hushes

Unwind me in the flickering candelabra and remove my mask

For your body to enter into mine is all I’ll ever ask

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