Poetry: In Return

Oh my brothers when I hear my name on your lips

I cry out in return and I try and help you come to grips

With a world that is cruel and you feel has cast you aside

I know you feel alone and you are scared to lose your pride

But growing up isn’t meant to be easy and being of honour

Is the hardest challenge we all face and under rainstormy thunder

You cannot run for cover or hide behind a wall of impenetrance

The rumble of the sky and earth dwarfs all of us and hear the heavens

Call on you as I call out in return to you saying wake up and throw up

Your hands in challenge to the hard work of becoming better you pump up

The sprouts of your manhood dry in desperate attempts to break the chains

You speak to me and call to me seeking love and shelter but for all my pains

I cannot stop the universe and a thunderous storm answering you

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