Poetry: My Heart, Always

You’re not in my arms and I wish you were here

I love the smell of your head and the way

Your little body fits into mine and you climb

Into my bed and my heart feels whole again

For a few minutes or hours at a time and I

Love your schoolwork and your singing

I’ve grown too used to waking up late

I’ve grown too used to being alone

And the quiet is lonely without you

It’s not a nice way to live but

On the other hand it is at least a half-life

Of happiness and when you are old enough

To know I’ll teach you so many things about

The places you’ll go and the superposition of

Particles entangled in subatomic spacetime

Just like we’re entangled together

A dyad of myths and legends

No matter how many adventures we go on

Together and apart

You go with me in my heart, always

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  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


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