Poetry: Tipping Velvet

For lovers past and future x

Sans harshness my lover dips their honeyed lips

To mine and through flickering lights guides my hips

Under and over through kisses and rushes

To hold me tight arms surround me their hushes

Keep me quiet for a brief moment at least

But it takes more than that to give me release

And it’s skill at tipping velvet that your lady misses

Her sweet untouched bountiful and beautiful disses

Designed only to force you to prove your point

At length girth in rhythmic ecstasy anoint

Me with your love my sweetness my darling my dear

In glistening arms my fingers trace circles as I revere

Your body my temple afterglow in light memory

In the warmth I whisper to you of beauty and reverie

Enjoy yourselves my dears x

Marie Athena

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