Poetry: Moments

It takes an awful lot of moments to make up a life

Some of them beautiful, some of them funny and some of them full of strife

But it’s the shades of grey the betwixt the between the open throwdown of good and evil

That wars within all of us and in many ways shows that being a good person is a constant upheaval

Nothing is easy and when we fall in love we feel the world but we feel all of it the pleasure and the pain

Duality comes and goes like flashes of lightning and sunshine in the dark blue clouds of stormy summer rain

Am I kind? Do I love true? How many people have I helped today?

Those are the questions worth asking because the moments will come what May

Then flitter and flutter into June and before you know it there have been an awful lot of moments in which to play

God and the Devil off each other and it is in those choices those educated guesses and answering those questions

It is in anguished moments that a life is made and in those moments we touch the heavens

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