Poetry: Of Houses And Homes

For Avid and Excise, may they know true joy and happiness, no matter what comes their way. Even, that most awful of things, someone in need of help.

The thing about houses and homes

Is that at their heart they are about not feeling alone

It isn’t a roof over one’s head

Or soft warm arms to rest on in bed

That make a house a home

What makes life worth living are the same things that make a place worth living in

To be a doctor is a noble humanistic calling but to be a healer is something divine

It’s the difference between living and truly being alive

But whole duality is here and one of you is a doctor and the other a surgeon

Both of you live in the twilight between worlds and you have made choices

That have cost all of us another piece of my heart

One morning I hope the sun rises on you and that you are kinder to yourselves than you were to me

Someone once said if you can choose to be anything in this world choose to be happy

But that’s not something you can have when you have nowhere safe to live or you are afraid to speak

So I can’t choose to be happy, and the closest I can get is to choose to love and be kind

Live well, and live in a home not a house.


Marie Athena

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