Poetry: Siren

For Mitchell Gladstone, may he e’er find his way through stormy seas and find calm waters to balm him xo

A light flickers on the dewy sand and you

Run with me as I frolic in the starshine

Hours spent with Rose and Vodka iced tea

Navigator I whisper underneath my breath

Show me the pathways to merry regret

Wisdom does not mean being led only

By GPS but by following your heart and

Wild laughter and sandy feet kisses in the

Heat of warm happiness and peach keen

Blushes unseen in the night near the water

Throwing out compliments and adoring madly

For a night an hour a minute I was yours

Awaken alone and you’ll miss me

Who knows if you’ll follow shooting stars

Back to find me or if I was only a siren

Singing by the sea


Marie Athena

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